Each field of activity is unique through the challenges it generates.
Adrem Engineering understands its clients’ needs and proposes personalized solutions for each industry:



Our experience makes us one of the most important providers of SCADA systems and automation services for public electricity utilities. With a market undergoing constant transformation, companies in this field will need to rely on proactive management, focused on client needs, while transmission and distribution networks will evolve beyond traditional characteristics. Whether it is generation, transmission, distribution or supply of electricity, we meet the needs of this industry, through: Smart Grid systems, SCADA & Automation solutions, general contracting or dedicated equipment.



Adrem Engineering offers a comprehensive package of services, designed to respond to the challenges of the oil & gas industry, such as safety, observance of environmental regulations and access to natural resources. Our solutions cover the exploitation, generation and transmission of oil and gas. From SCADA systems and distribution management systems to punctual solutions, such as Plant Distributed Control System, Leak Detection Systems, Pipeline Modelling & Optimization System or Asset Management, we provide various solutions deliverable through general contracting.



Water supply and wastewater treatment are both topics of concern for representatives of the industry, and also a matter of concern at global level. Given the increase of water consumption, and the decrease of water resources, Adrem Engineering provides a range of solutions to respond to current requirements: SCADA systems for automation and dispatching, advanced reading and monitoring systems, solutions such as Leak Detection System or Asset Management.



The district heating systems at national level require sustainable rehabilitation, which can contribute to diminishing energy losses, reducing pollution emissions and which can transform low performing installations. This is why Adrem Engineering offers a package of services adapted to the district heating industry. We provide turnkey SCADA solutions for the entire district heating network – generation, transmission, distribution and supply. For each stage, we develop a solution: Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Distribution Management System, Outage Management System and Asset Management System.



Given the new regulation and legislation in the field of energy efficiency, the electrified transport industry can become a key actor, one which contributes significantly to reducing polluting emissions. Our experience makes us an important provider of solutions for the electrification, automation and digitalisation of the transport infrastructure. Our solution portfolio includes: general contracting, SCADA, Distribution Management System, Asset Management System.



We support energy contractors, as we are familiar with the challenges in the field and we provide our know-how in implementing SCADA solutions, Distribution Management System, Outage Management System, Asset Management System, Plant Distributed Control System.



Based on our extensive experience, Adrem Engineering provides a range of electrical services dedicated to the construction industry. In addition, we also provide design services for the facilities, as well electrical works for grid connection.