General Contracting



In the energy sector, Adrem carries out project designed for energy transmission and distribution. As general energy contractor, it provides integrated engineering, procurement, construction and installation services.
Through perseverance and passion for this field, we have succeeded in going beyond the status of general contractor. We are now the partner who understands, who knows and who carries out turnkey projects in observance of the agreed deadlines and budgets, and of the feasibility study, while always putting safety first. We permanently offer solutions to prevent problems and to solve them if they do occur.
The skills acquired in services are combined with modern technologies and reliable, high-performance equipment, for results that exceed the expectations of the beneficiaries.




Our general contracting services cover the following fields:
• Electricity transmission and distribution
• Exploitation, generation, transmission and distribution of natural gas & oil
• Collection of treatment of wastewater, drinking water supply
• Generation, transmission, distribution and supply of thermal energy
• Electrified transmission

We provide turnkey solutions for:
• Medium and high voltage power stations and power lines
• Wastewater treatment plants
• Compressor stations
• Thermal plants, district heating power stations (C.E.T.), kvartal heating plants (C.T.C.)
• Traction substations


Complete services for complex projects:
• Design and engineering
• Support in obtaining permits
• Management of equipment procurement and of the supply chain
• Project management
• Construction and installation works
• Development and integration of automated command-control systems
• Equipment mounting and commissioning of installations and systems
• Training
• Service and maintenance

On request, we can also provide consultancy services and feasibility studies