Adrem Engineering holds a top national position in designing and implementing automation systems for companies in the energy and industrial sector. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in successfully completing SCADA projects. We are familiar with the applications, resources and constraints of the market as a whole and we are prepared to respond to any technical and economic challenge.
Whether it is designing, implementation, or adding a new function, changing an entire system, migrating to a new system or a first-time installation of a SCADA system, we have the experience, skills and resources required to offer the optimal solution.

The SCADA systems developed and implemented by Adrem Engineering have multiple applications:
• Electricity, natural gas, water and district heating
• Wastewater treatment plants and sewerage networks
• Communication networks
• Industrial applications, such as energy management
• Transport infrastructure applications (tunnels, electrical installations for electrified transport)


The main functions of Adrem’s SCADA systems are:
• Data analysis, report generation and information display
• Control: protections, automations and specific interlocks
• Event and alarm processing
• Warnings and readings basic processing
• Event sequencing with the associated time in the stations
• Presentation of information in curves and reports
• Complete graphical user interface
• Measurement archiving per pre-established durations and instalments
• Calculations with system figures
•Protocols, such as IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, IEC 61850, Modbus, DNP3


The main functions of Adrem’s SCADA systems are based on equipment which Adrem also provides:
• Sensors and control relays
• Remote control units (RTU)
• Programmable logical controllers (PLC)
• IT infrastructure equipment, communication and data viewing equipment (operating stations, controllers, processors, fully equipped automation cabinets, monitors etc.)


Some of the benefits of a SCADA system designed and implemented by Adrem to fit the needs of the organisations are:
• Ensuring high availability of the network and increase of revenues
• Detecting and solving problems proactively
• Meeting the quality requirements provided by the law and increasing client satisfaction
• Possibility of making operational decisions in real time
• Increasing employee safety and equipment safety
• Reducing engineering costs, durations and risks
• Optimising human resources and assets
• Increasing productivity by improving the installation and production efficiency
• Minimisation of the duration of outages and reducing maintenance costs through centralised monitoring and control
• Increasing the quality of services by preventing errors
• Increasing operator efficiency
• Freedom for operators through the mobility solutions


The following characteristics recommend the use of SCADA systems provided by Adrem:
• Ease of use
• Scalability
• Flexibility
• Multiple addressability
• Diverse integration possibilities
• Mobility


We provide comprehensive services for turn-key SCADA solutions:
• Design and engineering
• PLC, SCADA, HMI programming
• Data collection software development
• Management report configuration
• Developing interfaces with other related applications
• Cabling and installation
• Project progress monitoring
• Equipment mounting and commissioning of installations and systems
• Training
• Service and maintenance


SCADA system references:
• Electrification of the Romanian Railways (remote control of 160 local stations, 4 dispatch centres)
• FDFEE Electrica Muntenia Nord
• FDEE Electrica Transilvania Sud (45 110kV/MV substations, 6 MV dispatch centres, 3 HV dispatch centres)
• MARITSA EST 1 Bulgaria, (integrated automation system and SCADA for power plant)
• RADET Bucharest (12 dispatch centres)
• SNTG Transgaz (SCADA system for the entire national natural gas transmission system)