Energy Equipment


The energy equipment department specialises in carrying out technical and commercial evaluations of the equipment and energy solutions available on the market. Given its synergy with the other Adrem departments, based on its evaluations, optimal solutions are arrived at, all customised based on the needs of our clients.


The evaluation of technical and commercial energy equipment is a service which ADREM provides with maximum responsibility and professionalism. We understand our clients’ needs to enjoy the best solutions, from the best manufacturers on the market, and, also, the need to obtain the best prices and the optimal quality of the solutions acquired. To respond to all expectations, ADREM has an internal department specialised in carrying out technical and commercial evaluation of the equipment.

ADREM clients benefit fully from the existence of an in-house energy equipment department:
• carrying out projects in line with the client’s requirements by selecting products from the best manufacturers at the best prices
• perfect integration of the equipment thanks to the synergy with the General Energy Contracting Department and SCADA and Automations

Since Adrem Engineering is a leader on the SCADA system market, the advantage of the collaboration with our team consists in perfect integration of the equipment and in being able to develop highly customised projects.

The technical and commercial evaluation of the equipment is carried out by experienced professionals, who are familiar with new technologies and trends in the field of energy equipment, and with the offers of relevant suppliers on the market.

Aside from the professionalism of the team in charge of selecting the equipment, Adrem clients enjoy a shorter implementation time, and, implicitly, lower costs.

We have gained experience in our partnerships with power generation, transmission and distribution companies, for which we provided complex services – from designing electrical installations, modernisation works for power equipment and maintenance, to complex works in green energy parks.

ADREM teams put their experience and their know-how to use gain from previous design, revamping and modernisation of electrical substations projects in favor of the clients.

Whether it is about new electrical substations or just the modernisation of existing ones, the solution we are offering relies on using latest generation primary and secondary equipment.