Smart energy network systems


Well reasoned, planned resource management is the most important step for long term business sustainability. Assuming sustainability in the business model helps achieve an efficient increase and creates a competitive advantage for the company. From this perspective the Smart Asset Management solution is a critical investment which helps manage and plan resources optimally, while contributing to optimisation and reduction of asset-related costs.

Adrem Engineering’s Smart Asset Management Solution is based on a software application which monitors assets and carries out centralised management thereof. This solution is adapted to the specificities of each company and can manage all types of assets.
In terms of the scope of business, it’s a solution which suits a broad range of activities in the field of utilities:
• Electricity – generation, transmission and distribution
• Oil & gas – exploitation, generation, transmission and distribution
• Water and sewerage – collection, treatment and supply
• Heating – generation, transmission, distribution and supply
• Electrified Transport


The quality of a company’s services and products is reflected by its efficiency in asset management. The key functionalities for efficient asset management are:
• Dynamic management and asset analysis from several points of view:
o the user
o the operating status and life cycle
o composition
o maintenance operations
• Planning maintenance and allocating resources based on priorities
• Managing inventory activities and guarantee services for fixed assets and inventory items
• Anticipating operating problems by creating pre-established scenarios


A comprehensive asset management process also includes – aside from their actual monitoring – the integration of adjacent variables, such as inventory processes or procurement processes. The Smart Asset Management solution was developed with these parameters in mind, with the possibility of developing or correlating several modules:
• The asset management module. The application’s primary module for managing asset life cycle processes and maintenance processes
• The inventory items management module. A module for the management and prognosis of the inventory pertaining to the monitored assets
• The procurement module. This module leads to minimising procurement costs in the case of large inventory products, ensuring at the same time their availability


The solution delivered by Adrem Engineering allows for a comprehensive approach to the assets and collection and integration of data from any type of source:
• Client information web portal
• Work stations pertaining to the work points
• Work orders
• SCADA or Plant Information System applications
• Complex applications, like hystorian
• GIS application types
• ERP or CRM platform types
• Mobile applications used by the field personnel


In the context of the new legal regulations, ensuring the highest efficiency and safety are priorities for utility companies. The Smart Asset Management solution integrates all elements for a comprehensive maintenance program facilitating access to valuable information which is the basis for strategic decisions. The maintenance practices encountered determine the involvement level and the strategies considered for alignment to the new standards:


The implementation of a Smart Asset Management solution brings numerous benefits, both direct and indirect, for your company:
• It considerably reduces unscheduled interruptions
• It increases the efficiency of the use of assets
• It reduces maintenance costs
• It maximises the efficiency of maintenance
• It increases the profitability index of the assets and it minimises the total costs of holding the assets
• It increases the life cycle and it optimises the availability of the equipment
• It reduces inventory costs
• It ensures availability of spare parts
• It improves the procurement processes
• It improves the use of resources
• It simplifies the work flow, it reduces the administrative surplus


Characteristics of the Smart Asset Management System:
• It can integrate several sub-units and location into a single application
• It has a user-friendly interface, which facilitates access and data interpretation
• It includes a variety of interactive capabilities of viewing the information in intuitive ways on various platforms and mobile devices
• It tracks and correlates information about workforce, materials, tools, special requirements by third parties, or usage information in order to identify it in work orders and to support maintenance